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Dr. Farzad Salehipour Bio

Dr. Farzad Salehipour was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. In 1989 he was admitted into the Shiraz Dental School in Iran, where he was honored his DMD. After working as a dentist for several years, he was accepted into The Endodontics Graduate Program in Tehran University. During his study, he became interested in cell biology and its importance in dental traumatic injuries and was awarded for his works on PDL fibroblasts. He was also interested in Implantology, and actively participated in numerous scientific and practical courses in Germany. He had a short teaching experience in Tabriz Dental School in addition to his endodontic practice before his immigration to Canada in 2009. In Canada, he yet again attended The Endodontic Graduate Program at the University of Toronto and achieved RCDC fellowship in 2013.Since then, he has worked as an endodontist in the GTA and North Bay.

Dr. Farzad Salehipour

Dr. Farzad also has a Newfoundland practice license and visit patients twice monthly in Gander, Newfoundland. As a new re graduate, he strives to keep track of the skyrocketing evolutions in endodontics, from simple hand files to hi-tech instruments and highly believes in dexterity and clinical judgment as invaluable, unchanging assets. Dr. Farzad has been married to his wife for over 20 years and they have one teenage daughter and an adorable dog. Dr. Farzad’s wife is a re-graduate who currently works as an anesthesiologist in the University of Toronto, and his daughter is an IB student and figure skater. Dr. Farzad loves spending time with his family while professional biking, hiking, and playing soccer are considered his hobbies. He also loves to watch hockey with his daughter. Constantly attending school and sport events, family is the number one priority for Dr. Farzad and he has achieved the perfect balance of family and work.

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