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Successful root canal treatment requires the dentist to be precise and focused on the details while performing the treatment. The knowledge and skills of the practitioner combined with the latest technology in Microscopes can result in a very high success rate in any root canal treatment.

Root canal procedures generally occur in a visual vacuum-dark, confined spaces that are usually challenging to access. It makes it difficult to treat what can’t be seen even with loop magnification. Microscope, an advanced and extremely helpful instrument that benefits dentists and patients by addressing a fundamental concern in root canal treatment: the ability to better see what you are treating.



Prior to invention of the operating microscope, Endodontists had to rely on loops to perform root canal related surgeries. Because of the complex nature of endodontic treatment, practitioners have always looked for ways to improve the visibility of the operational field. Although loops are good, and fiber optic video cameras amusing the operating microscope, with its magnification and illumination capabilities, proved to be the best solution.

Microscopes have become an essential, even indispensable, element of endodontic practice and a key factor in diagnostic and clinical procedures, yielding better outcomes compared to treatment without vision enhancement or magnifying eyewear. The use of a microscope facilitates the overall root canal treatment process because endodontists have a better view of the situation. From the pre-treatment assessment of fractures, canal location, and confirmation of debridement during treatment the operating microscope has made a difference.  The benefits during apicoectomy and other surgical interventions are just as significant. By magnifying vision up to 25 times that of the naked eye and illuminating the area, the microscope improves diagnosis and treatment and results in superior care for patients.

Microscope has been around for a while and since 1990, it has been actively used in Endodontics treatments. Like any other instrument, microscopes have been improved year by year due to the new innovations. We are using the 2020 model of Zeiss brand microscope at our facility.

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