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Dental Crown

Crowns and bridges are an excellent tool for functional and cosmetic restoration of teeth. A dental crown is a cover that goes over a tooth. Whether it be tooth decay, traumatic injury, or eating habits that have worn out the tooth over time, a porcelain dental can protect the tooth from further decay and damage. Typical uses of dental crowns are to fix discoloured teeth, preserve a tooth that has undergone a root canal, and restore an imperfectly shaped tooth. The porcelain crown is the most widely used type because of its lifelike resemblance to a natural tooth.

dental crown

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used when a tooth is lost, and the surrounding teeth and gum tissue is healthy.  A dental bridge comprises at least three parts: two crowns and one pontic (false tooth). The crowns cover the two teeth on the outside, which securely hug the “false” tooth in the middle. When all the different dental bridge components come together, they instantly transform your smile to its best potential. Moreover, bridges prevent the other teeth from moving out of position and secure a healthy biting profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, a crown treatment requires two trips to the dentist. On the first trip, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and prepares it for the crown fitting. While a specialized fabrication facility creates the custom-fit crown, the patient will be wearing a temporary crown applied by the dentist. On the second visit, once the custom crown has been fabricated, the dentist removes the temporary crown and lays the permanent one.

For a dental bridge application, the dentist shaves the surrounding teeth to create abutments to serve as the anchors and securely hold the bridge assembly. Once the dental bridge is ready to be applied, the dental crowns are cemented to the outer teeth, and the false tooth takes the place of the missing tooth in between.

Generally, crowns and bridges can last ten years or more before needing to be replaced. However, dental crowns and bridges can last a lifetime if they are taken care of well.

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