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what is scaling, polishing, and fluoride therapy?

Your dental hygienist will tell you that the key to a lifetime of clean and healthy beautiful smiles is to combine good hygiene habits with the occasional scaling, polishing & fluoride therapy. But what is scaling, polishing, and fluoride therapy?

Scaling is a standard procedure where a dentist scrapes off the plaque and tartar from the teeth’ surface and underneath the gum line.

Subsequently, the teeth are polished to leave a smooth glossy finish, making it difficult for plaque to form in the future.

Finally, the teeth are topped with a protective layer of fluoride, which fortifies the tooth’s outer protective layer (enamel) against bacteria penetrating the tooth and causing damage to the core tissue where delicate nerves and blood are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scaling and polishing together significantly decrease plaque buildup on the teeth. Scaling gives your teeth and gums a cleaning that ordinary toothbrushes cannot perform. Polishing leaves your teeth with a glossy-clean finish, which not only gives them a great look but also functions to prevent bacteria buildup in the future. When combined, scaling and polishing leave your teeth with a fresh, clean, and confident smile!

Tooth polishing is a standard procedure at the dentist’s office and does not require any patient preparations. Polishing alone does not prevent tooth decay unless accompanied by a cleaning routine such as scaling and flossing at the dentist’s office.

For patients with highly sensitive teeth, cup polishing may be preferred. For patients with severe wear and erosion of the teeth, polishing may be limited.

To keep your teeth consistently looking and feeling glossy-clean a routine involving scaling and polishing is recommended every 6 months. For patients with periodontal conditions or a faster buildup of plaque, more frequent appointments are recommended.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It has been an essential part of dental health practice for decades. Fluoride strengthens the tooth’s enamel, protecting the tooth’s tissue against bacteria and cavities.

A dentist provides a professional fluoride treatment using a much higher concentration than in water or toothpaste, making it a more substantial treatment than anything at home.

Fluoride treatments do not require any preparation, and they take a few minutes to complete. After the treatment, patients may be advised to not eat for 30 minutes until the fluoride is fully absorbed by the teeth.

Fluoride can be absorbed by the teeth in one of two ways:

  1. Topically from toothpaste and professional treatments by a dentist.

  2. Systematically from water and dietary supplements.

For best results, getting fluoride both topically and systematically is recommended.

Familiar at-home sources of fluoride include:

  • Eating fish with its bones

  • water

  • food cooked in water

  • tea

  • infant formula

Depending on oral health, fluoride treatments can be recommended every 3, 6, or 12 months. A fluoride rinse may be prescribed for at-home use for those at high risk for cavities or weakened enamel.

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