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Teeth Whitening

Many people don’t know that the natural colour of teeth ranges from light grey to yellow. Moreover, with age, the shade gets darker. No matter where in the world, a smile that shines with bright white teeth is pleasing to everyone; it sets up for an excellent first impression, provides an inner sense of confidence, and instantly increases the overall quality of life.

Teeth Whitening

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • surface stains
  • tobacco
  • genetics
  • skin tone
  • consumption of foods and drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks)
  • aging

Before a bleaching procedure, it is vital to have your teeth assessed to see if bleaching can bring about the desired results and address any issues that need to be taken care of before the treatment.

  • Vital bleaching, for healthy living teeth that have been stained.
  • Non-vital bleaching for teeth that are no longer “alive”. For example, for teeth that have been treated with a root canal.

There are also different bleaching procedures, each catering to a certain level of discolouration and the number of teeth that require treatment.

  1. Applying a gel on the teeth’ surface and using heat and light to initiate the bleaching reaction.
  2. Using a custom mouthguard that contains bleach during the day until results are met.
  3. Brushing teeth with a special toothpaste containing bleach.
  • Some patients experience a temporary increase in sensitivity of the teeth after being treated with bleach.
  • In rare cases, temporary and mild irritation of the mouth’s gums and soft tissue may occur.
  • Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not permanent. Typically well-treated white teeth can last from a few months to a year.
  • As a result of the daily consumption of tea, coffee, and other foods, the teeth will inevitably become discoloured, which means another quick trip to the dentist!

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At Leslie North Dental Clinic, we offer the best professional-grade teeth whitening with our in-office whitening procedure. Book an appointment and take care of your bright new smile in as little as 30 minutes.