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Accidents happen, but there’s no need to panic because there are world-class professionals dedicated to working on these exact situations. Dentists who are specialized in treating traumatic dental injuries are trained in endodontics. General dentists can treat dental injuries since they are also trained in endodontics; however, they often refer patients to a highly-skilled specialists. The most important advice from traumatic injury experts is to visit an endodontist as soon as an injury occurs to increase the chance of saving the tooth dramatically.

Although it depends on the specific injury, it’s common for patients to have regular checkups with the general dentist and or endodontists for up to five years to monitor the healing process and ensure a successful recovery.

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How is a tooth injury treated?

Here are four typical cases of traumatic injury and a summary of how they get treated:

1. Chipped/ fractured a tooth’s crown?

  • Reattach missing piece.
  • Apply a tooth-coloured filling.

2. A large portion of the crown is chipped?

  • Apply a restoration “cap” or crown.

3. Is tooth pulp damaged or exposed?

  • You might require root canal treatment.

4. Injuries in the back teeth?

  • You might need a root canal & a full crown restoration.

Is the tooth pushed sideways or pushed into or out of the socket?

  • The tooth will be repositioned and stabilized.
  • A root canal may be necessary.
  • May need root canal fillings or dental crowns for restoration.

Visit an emergency dentist or endodontist IMMEDIATELY!

  • If you visit an emergency dental office within 30 minutes, the dentist may be able to save your tooth.
  • The dentist will apply a stabilizing splint for the following weeks.
  • You may need a root canal 1-2 weeks later.

Is your tooth horizontally fractured at the root?

  • The dentist will check the fracture; the closer to the tooth tip and farther from the gumline, the better.
  • It may require stabilization with a splint.

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Emergency tips?

After a traumatic injury event, consider the following questions while on the way to a dental clinic.

  1. Are there any central nervous system symptoms after the injury?

  2. Are there any disturbances when biting?

  3. Is the injured tooth sensitive to heat changes or sweet and sour?

  4. Is the injured tooth sore while eating or getting touched?

  5. Is there spontaneous pain in the injured tooth?

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