Upper Leslie Endodontics

Why Referring?

General dentists are the main pillars of dental health care system, providing a wide range of treatments. When it comes to some specific cases which might need excess knowledge, experience or equipment, both general dentist and the patient will be better off to use a specialist service.

Root canal treatment is considered a micro-surgery process which can cause some serious and irreversible issues in long run, if not treated properly in the first place.

Referral is a usual process in medicine. When a patient has a myocardial infarction, he/she is referred to a cardiologist and treated in a hospital facility instead of being visited by a family physician. After being appropriately treated, the patient returns to his/her family physician care.


The very same process exists in dental practice as well. When a general practitioner dentist refers patients to specialists, it shows that the referring dentist puts patient’s health and well being ahead of his/her business and obviously by doing so, he/she earns the patient’s trust for a long relationship.

Beside the education and experience, technology and equipment also play a big role in facilitating specialty services. Dentistry is an industry which heavily relies on the instrument, equipment and new findings in technology. Collecting and operating the specialty equipment inside of a general practice is not feasible and that’s why the referring process is the best solution for specialty dental needs.

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